Je certifie avoir l'âge légal pour consommer de l'alcool dans
mon pays de résidence. / I am of legal drinking age in
my country of residence.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

The Champagne House Regny-Pidansat

La Maison Regny & Pidansat

The Champagne House, Regny & Pidansat, was founded in 2009 and follows in the footsteps of several generations of Champagne tradition. It is fruit of a natural partnership between two male descendants who came from a long line of vintners from the Champagne region.

Frederic Pidansat, since his youth, has pursued the family tradition by working at his father’s side, and has consequently built up sound experience in the wine sector. He is now drawing upon all the experience he had obtained in his family’s vineyards and cellars.

For his part, Jerome Regny, who had spent many years developing international sales for another Champagne House in Reims, is now back to basics after having taken over the family vineyard. He now wants to make his subtle Champagne known to all the Champagne lovers around the world.

An exceptional territory

Avirey - Un terroir exceptionnel

Our territory is situated in a village at the southern brim of the Champagne Appellation. Avirey-Lingey is a picturesque village that has retained its authenticity all while preserving its natural environment

The vines are planted on the “coteaux champenois” (the champenois hillside) and spread throughout the village in the clay and limestone mixed soil, a perfect combination that enables the Pinot Noir grape to reveal its taste. This red wine grape thrives perfectly under these conditions and makes the Champagne powerful but fresh and fruity at the same time.